Management Reporting and Analytics

Insightful Management Reporting and Analytics to Boost your Decision Making

Turn your data into information and useful insight with our Management Reporting and Analytics platform. The platform enables you to better understand and improve your financial operations, models, customer relationships, business opportunities, and competitive standing.

In addition to reporting and analytics that includes insightful Business Intelligence (BI), dashboards and spend analytics with key performance

indicators (KPIs),you also get the collaboration capability with Microsoft Word and PowerPoint to add the narrative across Annual Reports, Budget and Board books, Earning Presentations and more.

Check the Real-time Status of Your Transactions

Through our streamlined solutions, we help our customers to better understand and improve their operations, financial models, customer relationships, supply chain, workforce, business opportunities, and competitive standing. By establishing a center of excellence you can create an enterprise strategy in which insight, analysis and coordination are key concepts.

Explore our Reporting & Analytics solutions – Key Advantages

  • Insightful : Drill-down/through, ranking, and trending for immediate insights and report generation from a single source
  • Consistent : Built-in audits and controls ensure the accuracy and consistency of narratives and data automatically.
  • Shareable : Gain highly Visual dashboards and performance forecasts. Create, build, publish and maintain analytic models, reports, dashboards and ad-hoc analysis from a single source
  • Secure : Eliminate time-consuming audits and vetting and role-based controls ensuring the right information to the right user

In-Depth Reporting and Analytics Capability

  • A Single Version of the Truth : Our reporting, and analytics tool seamlessly integrates data from multiple sources into a single repository where it is vetted. With the single version of the truth across your organization, there is no inconsistency between financial statements, analytics, and reports and all reports, and contributors are aligned. By upholding data quality standards, updating is a breeze
  • Seamless Integration : You can easily integrate systems, databases and programs -- such as SAP, Microsoft and Qlik – seamlessly using our open architecture with no custom scripting or IT intervention needed. You get built-in accountability, status, and workflow function. Our unified CPM solution automates disclosure reporting, and supports multiple output formats including PDF, PPT, Excel, and Word
  • Multi-User Collaboration : Multiple users can work together within the same document or presentation without conflict and with complete security, and governance. The activity log has details of users, and the changes incorporated by them that can be accessed via the audit trail
  • Effective Disclosure Reporting : Access packaged templates, using Microsoft Office (Word, PowerPoint, Excel), to create professional-looking reports that can be distributed via SharePoint
  • Updated Regulatory & Management Reporting : Manage the complexity of financial, management and regulatory reporting from XBRL filings, to proxy statements and regional or industry specific regulatory mandates like Solvency II, IFRS 9, IFRS 15 & ASC 606, IFRS 16 & ASC 842, IFRS 17, FINREP & COREP, Basel III, and Integrated Reporting. Any time a narrative or number is added, all reports, documents, and presentations are automatically updated.
  • Native integration with Microsoft : Integrating with Microsoft Excel, Word and PowerPoint, SharePoint, PowerPivot, PowerView and PowerBI makes it easy to prepare reports and distribute, enabling you to make informed decisions anytime regardless of location
  • Empowering Financial Reports & Analytic Models : Our reporting and analytics enables the finance team to build, create, publish and maintain analytic models, reports, dashboards and ad-hoc analysis on their own

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Why VetriVa Enterprise Solutions ?

When you work with VetriVa Enterprise Solutions, you gain access to our implementation, and service experts for end-to-end Customer Performance Management Software (CPM) processes. We are the sole reseller, implementation and support partners for Tagetik, the Customer Performance Management Software.

We are passionate about our work and help to customize and evolve with your changing requirements and the market you operate in. Our experience across industry vertical and geographical regions has equipped us with an understanding of the diverse needs of our clients.

We have worked closely with companies of all sizes, across industries to develop and implement an efficient and effective financial reporting & analytic process. The process helps improve the performance of your organization, and helps identify opportunities for innovation and growth of your business.

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