Hosting Solutions

Hosting Solutions

"Lean enterprise" is the concept that every business wants to achieve, compromising on the value offered to the client. They want an agile business while striving to maximize resource and minimize waste. Businesses looking for both on-premises and on cloud offerings, at times, have to trade-off functionality on the one hand and preferred method of deployment on the other. CCH Tagetik makes vendor selection easy - they provide the same full functionality solution for both on-premises and the cloud.

High Security and Reliable On-Premises Solution

The finance functions in the organization are concerned about uploading sensitive data in the cloud and prefer On-Premises solutions. The on-premises solution offers its own benefits. You can simply replace an old spreadsheet-bound process with a highly automated process based on a single unified budgeting environment. You get:

  • Faster month-end reporting
  • Improvement in collaboration and data quality
  • Total Cost of Ownership
  • Complete control - The data, software, and hardware platforms are all yours

Finance gets all the security it requires being empowered through a friendly interface, and get the CPM capabilities they need to make better business decisions.

Secure, Reliable Cloud Hosting Solution

The Corporate Performance Management for cloud offers the flexibility, scalability, and agility as well as financial intelligence the software provides. Any hardware, software, or infrastructure issue is our responsibility.

Complete Integrated On-Premises and Cloud Solution

  • Complete, comprehensive and robust single solution - one supplier
  • Safe and secure with standards for penetration testing, vulnerability assessment, separation of duties, background checks, failover, disaster recovery and data redundancy
  • Supported by CPM specialists who understand your financial environment and processes
  • Full CPM maintenance and support
  • No dependency on IT, finance owns and manages its own systems
  • Quick, easy access from any device


Providing software solutions that are either hosted on, or integrated with, the AWS platform.

Accelerating Transformation with VetriVa Enterprise Solutions

VetriVa Enterprise Solutions helps the customer to deploy and implement Tagetik CPM software both On-Premises and on the cloud. The software efficiently meets the financial and statutory requirements, and world-class finance processes. The capabilities remain the same whether you deploy the solution on the cloud or on-premise.

The single, On-Premises and Cloud-based Corporate Performance Management platform offers - budgeting and forecasting, consolidation, reporting, planning, and analytics solution - accessible to anyone - in one place.

VetriVa Enterprise Solutions is the implementation and support partner for CCH Tagetik's corporate performance management (CPM) software. The CPM software for cloud has built-in financial intelligence, unlimited scalability, and stringent security. We help you automate everyday processes to accelerate insights and shorten the time it takes to turn those insights into action. The result is a company that is agile and efficient, regardless of size or complexity.

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