Financial and Operational Planning

Streamline your Enterprises Financial and Operational Planning Processes

Corporate Performance Management helps the organization to stay competitive and understand their data to make better business decisions. Our enterprise planning services help automate and align all your financial and operational planning processes across your enterprise.

The platform supports continuous planning with a rolling forecast, strategic modeling, planning, and consolidation, reporting, and analyzing performance, to drive the business to where you want to go.You get better insights into your data and use it to make better business decisions and align faster to disruptions.

The platform helps you:

  • Make faster and accurate decisions based on what-if scenario planning
  • Improve accountability and planning accuracy
  • Reduce cycle times and optimize the closure of books faster
  • Drive agile integrated plans to align with strategic goals
  • Gain in-depth key insights, create sustainable value and drive strategy across the organization

Check the Real-time Status of Your Transactions

Through our streamlined solutions,customers can understand and improve their operations, financial models, customer relationships, supply chain, workforce, business opportunities, and competitive standing. By establishing a center of excellence we help our customers create an enterprise strategy in which insight, analysis and coordination are key concepts boosting insights in the corporate resource.

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Maximize Your Productivity and Stay Ahead of Competition

  • Proven EPM platform with an interface that is easy for finance, and business users to navigate, use, and manage
  • Built-in financial intelligence owned and maintained by finance, to support virtually any accounting requirement
  • Automated, and specific collaborative functions that finance needs to make better, more informed decisions
  • Built-in functionalities and strong process integration based on a single source of data

Enterprise Financial and Operational Planning – Key Advantages

  • Reduce planning, budgeting, and forecasting cycle by 30%
  • Increase agility with unified end-to-end planning
  • Deploy quickly, shorten learning curves, and maximize efficiency
  • Eliminate version control, data validation, and data integrity across all plans and budgets
  • Empower the finance team with built-in financial intelligence
  • Collaborate more effectively with customers and other business users
  • Customize software as per your needs

Why VetriVa Enterprise Solutions?

VetriVa Enterprise Solutions is the reseller, implementation and support partner for Tagetik Corporate Performance Management software. We offer our services in CPM across industries, in multiple countries. We work closely with organizations to help them achieve peak performance.

Our single CPM platform has everything you need in one place. VetriVa Enterprise Solutions is committed to building a strong partnership with our clients, helping automate everyday processes to accelerate insights and shorten the time to turn those insights into action.

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