Financial Modeling & Forecasting

Full-featured Financial Modeling and Forecasting Solution

The challenging economic marketplace makes financial modeling and forecasting complex. Our financial modeling solution helps to forecast a business' financial performance that is typically based on your past performance, and expectations about the future. It is used to prepare an income statement, cash flow statement, balance sheet, and supporting schedules.

Our financial modeling and forecasting software provides business modeling,

'what-if' scenario playing and forecasting within the corporate performance management solution. Using our financial modeling software, you can:

  • Simulate and assess different business scenarios
  • Instantly see the impact on financial performance
  • Generate rolling forecasts.

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Financial Modeling and Forecasting - Key Features

  • What-If Scenario : All plans, whether long-term or short-term have built-in future scenarios and have a certain level of uncertainty. What-if planning helps you better prepare for this uncertainty. You can create various likely business scenarios, and models, based on various business drivers or operating assumptions. You can see the changes in the P&L, Balance Sheet, and Cash Flow statements and compare results to determine how each decision will impact your business outcome.
  • Accurate Cost Allocation : Allocate costs down to the activity, department, product, project, customer, and more, to gain deeper insight and visibility to understand the highly flexible and configurable cost allocation. The solution helps perform a detailed profitability analysis, reporting and enables you to revise financial statements faster.
  • Structuring & Cash Flow Modeling : Accurate cash flow planning helps reduce the time and cost involved in managing financial planning at all levels in the organization. Our cash flow models can be incorporated into budgets, the P&L and balance sheet enabling businesses to manage their financial resources efficiently.
  • Financial Forecasting : Forecasting uses past and present data, trend analysis, and executive insight to predict the future of any given metric. Quickly build periodic, and rolling forecasts that combine data from strategic plans, budgets, historical data and actual financial results.
  • Advanced Technology : With finance having complete control, no custom scripting or IT intervention is needed. Using the solution you can access a vast amount of data quickly and transform numbers into actionable models.
  • Activity Based Costing : Our activity-based costing empowers finance to model indirect costs and understand drivers that impact profitability.

Financial Modeling & Forecasting - Key Advantages

  • Gain deeper insight faster to make better business decisions
  • Get unified model with no synchronization
  • Securely collaborate across business
  • Connect operational and financial models to get a comprehensive view of business
  • Optimize cash flow utilization with model cash flow and hedging
  • Increase adoption using native Excel interface

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